Neill Island

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Neill Island
Nickname: James Neill Island
Neill Island is located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Neill Island
Neill Island
Neill Island is located in India
Neill Island
Neill Island
LocationBay of Bengal
Coordinates11°50′N 93°02′E / 11.83°N 93.04°E / 11.83; 93.04Coordinates: 11°50′N 93°02′E / 11.83°N 93.04°E / 11.83; 93.04
ArchipelagoAndaman Islands
Adjacent bodies of waterIndian Ocean
Area13.7 km2 (5.3 sq mi)[1]
Length3.7 km (2.3 mi)
Width6.3 km (3.91 mi)
Coastline19.4 km (12.05 mi)
Highest elevation101 m (331 ft)[2]
Highest pointNipple Hill
DistrictSouth Andaman
Island groupAndaman Islands
Island sub-groupRitchie's Archipelago
TehsilPort Blair Tehsil
Largest settlementNeill Kendra (pop. 1000)
Population3040 (in 2011)
Pop. density222.00 /km2 (574.98 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsHindu, Andamanese
Additional information
Time zone
Telephone code031927[4]
ISO codeIN-AN-00[5]
Avg. summer temperature30.2 °C (86.4 °F)
Avg. winter temperature23.0 °C (73.4 °F)
Sex ratio1.2/
Census code35.639.0004
Official languagesHindi, English

Neill Island is an island of the Andaman Islands, located in Ritchie's Archipelago. It belongs to the South Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.[6] the island lies 36 km (22 mi) northeast from Port Blair.


Neill is named after British Brigadier general James Neill, who had fought on the side of the British East Indian company in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.


Neill Island was uninhabited until the arrival of settlers in the late 1960s. Like Havelock, the vast majority of settlers at Neill were refugees from erstwhile Bangladesh, following the exodus of Hindu Bangladeshis prior to that country's war of independence in 1971.


The island belongs to the Ritchie's Archipelago and is located between Havelock Island and Rose Island. It is a comparatively flat island, and much of the landmass was deemed suitable for paddy cultivation. Unfortunately, as a result of this, very little forest cover remains at Neil, and almost all of it is concentrated in the reserve forest on Neil's north-western side. Neill island tends to remain a degree or two warmer than Havelock as a result of the lack of forest cover. The island is not without charm however, but it is a different, pastoral sort of charm that the island offers.[citation needed]


Politically, Neill Island is part of Neill Kendra panchayat, of Port Blair Taluk.[7]


The population of 3040 lives in five villages, listed below, with population at 2011 census in parentheses:[8]

  • Sitapur (274)
  • Bharatpur (629)
  • Neill Kendra (1000)
  • Lakshmanpur (382)
  • Ram Nagar (755)


There is a jetty at Neill Kendra, which serves as the only access point of the island.[9] There are regular Government ferry from Port Blair to Neill Island. There are private cruise ships such as Makruzz and Coastal Cruise.[10]


Agriculture is the primary occupation of the villagers, and the island supplies vegetables to the rest of Andaman.


Despite its minuscule tourist infrastructure, an increasing number of tourists have chosen to stay at Neill Island instead of neighboring Havelock Island. There are a handful of restaurants and basic beach hotels that cater to international and domestic tourists.

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