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Neil Kleid
Born1975 (age 43–44)
Michigan, United States
Area(s)Writer, Artist
Notable works
AwardsXeric Award, 2003

Neil Kleid (born 1975) is a U.S. cartoonist raised in Oak Park, Michigan, now living in New Jersey. He has received a 2003 Xeric Award grant[1] for his graphic novella Ninety Candles (2004).

Kleid also wrote Brownsville, a graphic novel about Murder, Inc., with Jake Allen; The Big Kahn, a graphic novel about family, faith, and con men, with Nicolas Cinquegrani, for NBM Publishing; and Ursa Minors!, an action/comedy mini-series for Slave Labor Graphics. He has written for Puffin Graphics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Dark Horse Comics, and has created minicomics and cartoons for anthologies and magazines.

Outside of comic books, Kleid has written columns for online writer resource Scryptic Studios, and online websites,,, and He was a founder and active member of the webcomic collective The Chemistry Set.

Currently writing/drawing various projects, Kleid spends his days as a digital designer for the Topps Company in New York, and has worked on their various sports apps, including Topps Pennant, Topps BUNT, and Topps HUDDLE, the latter of which he did all of the art direction. Kleid has worked on marketing campaigns for Comedy Central and Miramax Films, and his work has appeared in Variety and The New York Times.


Comics and graphic novels[edit]

  • Stable Rods mixed media minicomic, Self-Published
  • Pilgrimage mixed media minicomic, Self-Published
  • Rant Comics #1-3 serialized minicomics, Self-Published
  • Late Night Block #1-3 serialized minicomics with Jamesmith, Max Riffner, Vanessa Satone, and cover artists Lea Hernandez, Carla Speed McNeil, and Michael Avon Oeming. Stories originally appeared at
  • "Letters From a Broken Apple" 10 page story in 9-11: Emergency Relief with Insight Studios. Published by Alternative Comics (2002)
  • Ninety Candles, Self-Published with the help of the Xeric Foundation (2004)
  • The Intimidators #1-4, created by Jim Valentino with artists Miguel Montenegro and CAFU. Published by Image Comics/Shadowline (2006)
  • Brownsville OGN with artist Jake Allen. Published by NBM Publishing (2006)
  • Call of the Wild written by Jack London, co-adapted with artist Alex Nino. Published by Puffin Graphics (2006)
  • Ursa Minors #1-4 with co-writer Paul Cote and artist Fernando Pinto. Published by Slave Labor Graphics (2006)
  • The Big Kahn OGN with artist Nicolas Cinquegrani. Published by NBM Publishing (2009)

Short comics[edit]

  • 9-11: Emergency Relief, "Letters From a Broken Apple" with artists from Insight Studios (2001)
  • House of Twelve #2.0, "I Was a Teenage Sci-Fi Writer" (2002)
  • True Porn Vol. 1, "Shomer Negiah" (2003)
  • Hero Happy Hour Super Special, "Secret Origin" with artist Neil Vokes (2004)
  • X-Men Unlimited #14, "How To Be An Artist" with artist Michael Avon Oeming. Published by Marvel Comics (2006)
  • Postcards, "Intersection" with artist Jake Allen. Published by Random House/Villard (2007)
  • Comic Book Tattoo, "The Beekeeper" with artist Chris Mitten. Published by Image Comics (2008)
  • Tales From the Crypt #2, "The Tenant" with artist Steve Mannion. Published by Papercutz (2008)
  • Tales From the Crypt #4, "Extra Life" with artist Chris Noeth. Published by Papercutz (2008)
  • Creepy Comics #1, "All The Help You Need" with artist Brian Churilla. Published by Dark Horse Comics (2009)
  • Fractured Fables, "The House That Jack Built" with artist Fernando Pinto. Published by Image Comics/Shadowline (2010)
  • Fraggle Rock Vol #1, #2, "The Convincing of Convincing John" with artist Fernando Pinto. Published by Archaia Studios (2010)
  • Superman 2011 80 Page Giant, "Old Men Talking in Bars" with artist Dean Haspiel. Published by DC Comics (2011)
  • Ghosts, "A Bowl of Red" with artist John McCrea. Published by DC Comics/Vertigo (2012)
  • Mars Attacks Classic Obliterated, "This Island, Earth" with artist Carlos Valenzuela. Published by IDW Publishing (2013)




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