Neil Turner Weir

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Neil Turner Weir
Neil Turner Weir is located in Australia
Neil Turner Weir
Neil Turner Weir in Australia map
Country Australia
Location Queensland
Coordinates 26°28′17″S 147°57′31.2″E / 26.47139°S 147.958667°E / -26.47139; 147.958667Coordinates: 26°28′17″S 147°57′31.2″E / 26.47139°S 147.958667°E / -26.47139; 147.958667

Neil Turner Weir is a small weir located on the northern side of the town of Mitchell, in Queensland, Australia. The weir holds back the waters of the Maranoa River. A campsite exists, with free toilet facilities. To the west, on the banks of the river held back by the weir, is a fishing spot known as Fisherman's Rest.

The weir was built in 1984 and is made of concrete and filled with sand.[1] The capacity of the Neil Turner Weir is 2,000 ML.[2]

The weir supplies water to the town of Mitchell, is used for irrigation and regulates streamflow.[1]

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