Neill Jameson

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Neill Jameson
Born 1979
Origin Somers Point, New Jersey, United States of America
Genres Black metal
Doom metal
Death metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1994 - present
Labels Battle Kommand Records
Southern Lord Records
and various other underground labels
Website N. Imperial MySpace Homepage
N.I.L. MySpace Homepage
March into the Sea MySpace Homepage

Neill Jameson is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, hailing from Somers Point, N.J., who has recorded and performed under the pseudonym N. Imperial (also Lord Imperial or simply Imperial). He has gained most recognition as the front-man for black metal band Krieg[1] (1995–present).

Over the course of an impressive resume, Jameson has performed and/or recorded with other black metal acts such as Judas Iscariot (1999–2000), Nachtmystium (2005), Twilight (2005–present) and Weltmacht (1999–2004), as well as underground bands such as Bael, Demonic Christ, Devotee, Hidden, and (his homonymous) Imperial.

In 2005, Imperial joined the metal supergroup Twilight along with members of Leviathan, Xasthur, Nachtmystium, and Draguar.[2][3]

Presently he is active in the ambient black/doom metal duo N.I.L. (with J. Marcheski), and the ambient doom/death metal outfit March into the Sea (also with J. Marcheski, as well as M. Roscovich and J. Garson).

Select Discography[edit]

With Krieg[edit]

With Weltmacht[edit]

  • The Call to Battle (2001)
  • And to Every Beast its Prey (2003)

With Hidden[edit]

  • Spectral Magnitude (2002)
  • Alexisstar Morphalite (2005)

With Twilight[edit]

  • Twilight (2005)

With N.I.L.[edit]

With March into the Sea/Urine[edit]

  • Church of the Voidswimmer (2007)


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