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Neith Boyce c.1900

Neith Boyce Hapgood (March 21, 1872, Franklin, Indiana – December 2, 1951, Richmond, New Hampshire) was a United States novelist and playwright. She married Hutchins Hapgood on June 22, 1899. Together with Susan Glaspell, George Cram Cook, and others, they founded the Provincetown Players.

Major works[edit]

  • Novels: The Forerunner (1903), The Folly of Others (1904), Eternal Spring (1906), The Bond (1908), Two Sons (1917), Proud Lady (1923), Harry: A Portrait (1923)
  • The Modern World of Neith Boyce : Autobiography and Diaries, edited by Carol DeBoer-Langworthy. University of New Mexico Press, 2003. ISBN 0-8263-3147-5



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