Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe

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Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe is a 1991 humorous travelogue by American writer Bill Bryson. It documents the author's tour of Europe in 1990, with many flashbacks to two summer tours he made in 1972 and 1973 in his college days. Parts featuring his 1973 tour focus to a large extent on the pseudonymous "Stephen Katz", who accompanied Bryson, and who would play a more prominent role in Bryson's later book A Walk in the Woods, as well as appearing in The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.

Bryson's trip begins in the winter, in Hammerfest, Norway, where his goal is to see the Northern Lights. He visits numerous locations throughout Europe, commenting on the various aspects of life in different parts of Europe, and comparing them to how he experienced them in his earlier visits. The book ends with Bryson reaching Istanbul, Turkey,[1] and contemplating on how the city is the gateway to Asia, and considers continuing his tour.

Unlike Bryson's later books, Neither Here nor There is marked by his solo observations; he does not seem to engage locals in conversation in his travels, nor is there as much detailed research about the history, flora and fauna of the places visited.

Places visited[edit]


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