Neka–Jask pipeline

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Neka–Jask pipeline
General directionnorth–south
FromNeka, Iran
ToJask, Iran
General information
OperatorNational Iranian Oil Company
Technical information
Length1,515 km (941 mi)
Maximum discharge1 million barrels per day (~5.0×10^7 t/a)

The Neka–Jask pipeline is a proposed oil pipeline in Iran. If constructed, it will transport crude oil from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Russia through the port of Neka on the Caspian Sea to Jask, Iran on the Gulf of Oman.[1] The planned capacity of the 1,515 kilometres (941 mi) pipeline is 1 million barrels per day (~5.0×10^7 t/a) of crude oil.[2] It is expected to cost US$2 billion.[3]


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