Neko Jump

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Neko Jump
Neko Jump MTV Fast Forward.jpg
Neko Jump at MTV Fast Forward in 2008
Background information
Origin Bangkok, Thailand
Genres Pop
Years active 2006–present
Labels Kamikaze - Thailand, RS Promotion
King Records - Japan
Members Warattha Imraporn (Noey)
Charattha Imraporn (Jam)

Neko Jump is a Thai pop duo, composed of twin sisters Warattha Imraporn (วรัฐฐา อิมราพร) a.k.a. Noey (เนย) and Charattha Imraporn (ชรัฐฐา อิมราพร) a.k.a. Jam (แจม). They were born on December 10, 1989[1]


The twins were born on December 10, 1989. Noey is two minutes older than Jam. They have a younger sister Piglet and she is member of the Thai girl group Sugar Eyes. When Noey and Jam were in primary school they were in singing and dancing classes. Impressing their teacher, they joined many more contests and continued to practice singing. One of their songs was also used as the opening and ending in the anime Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu. In 2009, Jam joined project girl group Seven Days which consists of various female artists, like Waii, signed under the Kamikaze label. In June 2012, it was eventually announced that the project group would be revived and will feature a new-line up that will include her twin sister Noey instead. The new-line up debuted with the song "Angry Boo". The twins are also actresses.[2]


They are studying bachelor's degree in Faculty of Fine Arts and 2 years of Communication Arts Stamford International University of Oxford.


  • Noey won 1st place in a Disney Singing Contest, singing 'Colors of The Wind', while Jam came in 2nd place.
  • Jam won 1st place in the Royal Trophy Singing Contest by singing a song which was written by the King of Thailand.
  • They won 1st place in the Exit B-Boy & 12 Plus G-Girl Contest 2005 by dancing and singing songs, including 'All That Jazz'
  • Noey and Jam were the last semi-finalists in the KPN Awards singing contest. RS's casting crew contacted them, so Noey and Jam became popular twin-duo artists under the name NEKO JUMP.




  • 2006 : Neko Jump
  1. Poo
  2. Sarang hae yoe (chun ruk ter)
  3. My gallery
  4. Chuay mud nhoi
  5. khao jah ngao mhai
  • 2007 : Joob Joob
  1. Joob joob
  2. Puen nah jor
  3. E des kah
  4. Khao jah pai jeeb krai eak mhai
  5. Khern khern
  • 2008 : Lady Ready!
  1. Oak huk kaa
  2. Kawaii Boy
  3. Chi mi
  4. Yark took ter kid tueng
  5. Yah yood na
  6. Happy Hurtday
  7. Luer
  8. Wun haeng kwam ruk
  9. Nai tua rai ka yai jai noi
  10. Nueng kum tee geb wai
  • 2010 : Secret of Virgin
  1. Harm Naun Khon Diew
  2. Mi khey thuk rak ley
  3. Message
  4. Ruk Mi Me Chao Khong
  5. Kair Tur Bung Kub
  6. Kair Ngao Ya Cao Chi Pid
  7. Ruk Kor Di
  8. Pueng Ruk Tur
  • 2012 : Ahhh!
  1. Mai Tod Chi (Girls On Top)
  2. Mai Ruk Chum Dai
  3. Na Ta Dee Mai Mee Fan


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