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Nekor (Berber language: N'kor) is a historic site in the Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate region in Rif, northern Morocco, near modern-day village originally named Boukidan.

After the Islamic conquests in the 7th century, it was renamed Bni Bouayach. It was the capital of the medieval Kingdom of Nekor, and was founded by Emir Idris ibn Salih between 749 and 761 AD, and became the capital in the reign of his son Sa'id I ibn Idris (the capital having previously been Temsaman.)

It was sacked by the Vikings sometime between 859 and 862 AD.

It was destroyed by the Almoravid Yusuf ibn Tashfin in 1080 during his conquest of the Rif. The townsite has been partially submerged by the reservoir of the Abdelkrim Khattabi dam.[1]


Coordinates: 35°05′23″N 3°48′27″W / 35.0898°N 3.8075°W / 35.0898; -3.8075