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IndustryTransportation network company
FoundedToronto, Canada (June 24, 2015 (2015-06-24))
  • Vahid Akbari (CEO)
  • Azam Mohabbatian
Number of locations
10 countries (May 2017)
Key people
  • Domingo Guzman,
  • Milad Zabihi
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • David Winterstein

Nekso is a transportation network company operating in Central and South America. The mobile app allows users to book a taxi and track it in real time.[1]


Nekso is subsidiary of Blanclink, a holding company that started in Toronto.[1] Currently, Nekso has offices in Venezuela,[1] Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Toronto. The application can be downloaded for on devices running Android and iOS, and the user should register a profile with their information, pictures and the payment cards with which they could schedule or cancel the service.[2]

Currently the company is operating in countries in South America and Central America such as Ecuador,[3] Venezuela,[4] Dominican Republic, as well as Colombia, Costarica, Guatemala, Panama, South America, Peru, Argentina, Chile[5] and Mexico.[6] Nekso is also planning for expanding its services to cities in USA and Canada.[7][8]

The Nekso app is available on iOS and Android.[4] It provides a mobile application that serves as a network between users and taxi lines,[4] The taxi user can utilize technology to find taxi service in their vicinity, schedule for a trip and make a transaction.[1] Also, there is panic button that can be accessed by the user and the driver to have his/her location shared if he/she is in danger.[9] At the end of the service the application gives the user the option to rate the driver.[9] The app does not charge passengers, however, it takes a certain percentage of each taxi fare.[10]

There are other similar companies that provide E-hailing services such as Easy Taxi, UnTaxi, Auto Amigo. Unlike Uber that competes with licensed taxi companies around the world, these services partnered directly with taxi firms.[10]

In October 2017, Wall Street Journal reported that Nekso facilitates 400,000 rides per month and also has 140,000 active monthly users on its platform.[11] The company CEO also announced Nekso's plan to expand their services to some Canadian and U.S cities.[11]


Blanclink, the parent company of Nekso, was chosen as one of Top 50 Startup by Silicon Valley’s TiE50 in 2015.[12]

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