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Nektarios Terpos (Greek: Νεκτάριος Τέρπος; late 17th-18th century) was a Greek religious scholar and monk from Moscopole (today in modern Albania and author of an important religious book, called A Handbook called Faith (Greek: Βιβλιάριο καλούμενον Πίστις), which was first published in 1732. Terpos, together with Cosmas of Aetolia, was one of the major contributors of the religious and national awakening of the Greek people (Greek Enlightenment) under the Ottoman rule.[1]


Terpos came from a wealthy family and spend his childhood in Moscopole. As a missionary he travelled in Epirus, covering vast areas from Arta to Berat[2] in a period of increasing islamization.[3]

Terpos will also be remembered for his work in the Ardenica Monastery (in Gr. Monastery of Panagia Ardevousa) where in 1731 he wrote a prayer in the form of a fresco. The prayer is in four languages (Aromanian, Greek, Albanian, and Latin) and is the first writing in Albanian found in an Eastern Orthodox Church.[4]

Persecuted, Terpo migrated to Italy, where in 1732 he published his main work named A Handbook called Faith (Greek: Βιβλιάριο καλούμενον Πίστις).[5] The book was republished 12 times in less than a century (1732–1818).[2] In the book Terpo chastises the Crypto-Christians of Albania, and invites them to never abandon the religion of their forefathers.[6]


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