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Nela Park
Nela Park Building 307.jpg
Nela Park, Building 307
Nela Park is located in Ohio
Nela Park
Nela Park is located in the US
Nela Park
Location Entrance at 1901 Noble Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
Coordinates 41°32′28″N 81°33′39″W / 41.54111°N 81.56083°W / 41.54111; -81.56083Coordinates: 41°32′28″N 81°33′39″W / 41.54111°N 81.56083°W / 41.54111; -81.56083
Built 1911-1924
Architect Frank E, Wallis
NRHP reference # 75001365[1]
Added to NRHP 1975

Nela Park is the headquarters of GE Lighting, and is located in East Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Today, GE Lighting is a part of GE Home & Business Solutions, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Nela Park serves as the operating headquarters of GE Lighting.

The institute was first organized by entrepreneurs Franklin Terry and Burton Tremaine of the National Electric Lamp Company.[2] Development of the site was started in 1911, when the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA), formed by John Robert Crouse, Sr, J.B. Crouse, and H.A. Tremaine in 1901,[3] was dissolved and absorbed into General Electric. It was the first industrial park in the world,[4] and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The campus emulates a university setting, and the dominant architectural style is Georgian Revival. The 92-acre (370,000 m2) campus is home to GE's Lighting & Electrical Institute, which was founded in 1933. Each December, Nela Park features a world-famous Christmas lighting display, which culminates in a miniature version of the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C., designed by GE Lighting.

In 1921, Albert Einstein visits Nela Park with Ernest Fox Nichols.

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  • Marvin Pipkin, scientist engineer that had many inventions and innovations for the light bulb and worked at NELA Park.[5]


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