Nella città l'inferno

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Nella città l'inferno
Nella città l'inferno.jpg
Directed byRenato Castellani
Written byIsa Mari ("Roma, Via delle Mantellate," novel)
Renato Castellani (adaptation)
StarringAnna Magnani
Giulietta Masina
Music byRoman Vlad
CinematographyLeonida Barboni
Release date
Running time
106 min.

Nella città l'inferno (Behind Closed Shutters) is a 1959 Italian film directed by Renato Castellani.


Egle (Anna Magnani) is an inmate of a female jail. Lina (Giulietta Masina) is a nervous newcomer who is much more temperate, with some naiveness even. Egle influences Lina and she convinces her so, successfully, Lina extorts the man who had incriminated her (Antonio Zampi aka Adone, by Alberto Sordi). Lina is released out of the prison thus. However, still in jail, Egle meets Lina again as she has been detained by exerting prostitution, with a marginal demeanor which is due to Egle's previous influence on her.


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