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Downtown Nellim
The wooden Skolt Sámi Orthodox Church in Nellim

Nellim (Finnish: Nellim or Nellimö; Inari Sami: Njellim; Skolt Sami: Njeäʹllem) is a village on the shore of Lake Inari in Inari, Finland that has three distinctly different cultures: Finns, the Inari Sámi and the Skolt Sámi. Nellim is approximately 42 kilometres (26 mi) northeast of Ivalo and approximately 9 kilometres (6 mi) away from the Russian border. The village has a store, a coffeeshop, a marina, an Orthodox wilderness church and a wilderness hotel. Other landmarks in the area include an old log flume, the Travelers' Cross at Tsarmijärvi, and remnants of the Rautaportti "Iron Gate" fortifications that were constructed in the second world war. The people of Nellim claim that it is the best location in Finland to view the Northern Lights.


The main sources of livelihood in Nellim are reindeer husbandry, natural economy and tourism.

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Coordinates: 68°51′N 028°19′E / 68.850°N 28.317°E / 68.850; 28.317