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Nello Olivo is an estate California vineyard operator whose award-winning wines brought global recognition for the wines of the El Dorado in California.[citation needed]


Nello Olivo was born in Santa Clara County, California to a family of 16 children. His grandfather Enrico was born in Todi, Umbria, Italy in 1879, with all his other grandparents being from Spain and Chile.[1] Olivo has brought unique Italian grape varieties to the California wine region and has worked with the University of California, Davis on bringing the rare Sagrantino to the United States.[2] His Sangiovese was the winner of the 2010 California State Fair and his Petite Sirah [3] was award the prestigious Best In Class at the 2011 California State Fair.[4]

Family History[edit]

Nello Olivo is the husband of actress Danica d'Hondt, father of actress America Olivo, and father-in-law to actor Christian Campbell.

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