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Nelly, Nela, Nell, and Nellie are female given names, also used as nicknames, which are derived from the names Janelle, Helen, Ellen, Petronella, Chanelle, Cornelia and Eleanor.


  • Nelly (Egyptian entertainer) (Nelly Artin Kalfayan, born 1949), Egyptian entertainer, actress and presenter
  • Nelly Arcan (1973–2009), Canadian writer
  • Nellie Bly (1864–1922), American journalist
  • Nell Carter (1948–2003), American singer and actress
  • Nellie Farren (1848–1904), English actress and singer
  • Nelly Furtado (born 1978), Canadian R&B singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and record producer
  • Nellie Kim (born 1957), Soviet gymnast
  • Nelly Landry (born 1916), French tennis player
  • Nella Larsen (1891–1964), American modernist novelist
  • Nellie McClung (1873–1951), Canadian feminist, politician, and social activist
  • Nellie McKay, British-born American singer-songwriter, actress and former stand-up comedian
  • Nellie Melba (1861–1931), Australian opera soprano
  • Nelly Olin (born 1941), Minister of Environment in France (2005–07)
  • Nellie Tayloe Ross (1876–1977), first American woman state governor
  • Nelly Sachs (1891–1970), German poet and dramatist awarded the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature
  • Nellie R. Santiago (born 1943), New York state senator
  • Nellie Stewart (1858–1931), Australian actress and singer
  • Nelly Ternan or Nelly Robinson, names used for Ellen Ternan, English actress, mistress of Charles Dickens
  • Nelly Thüring (1875–1972), Swedish politician and one of the first women elected to the Swedish parliament
  • Nelly Viennot, French football referee
  • Nelly Wicky (born 1923), Swiss Labour Party politician and former member of the Swiss National Council

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