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Nelly Aerts (born 30 September 1962) is a Belgian former long-distance runner who competed in the marathon. She represented Belgium at the 1990 European Athletics Championships and won marathons in Rotterdam and Brussels. Her personal bests of 1:11:32 for the half marathon and 2:33:33 hours for the marathon are former national records.

She won the 1987 Rotterdam Marathon in a time of 2:41:24 hours,[1] then won her first Belgian marathon title two months later.[2] In September she broke the Belgian record with a winning run of 2:33:33 hours at the Brussels Marathon.[3] She was invited to November's New York City Marathon and came tenth in a time of 2:38:18 hours.[4]

Her second marathon season came in 1989. Aerts began the year with a Belgian record of 1:11:32 hours in the half marathon – a time that won her the women's race at the City-Pier-City Half Marathon.[5] This record stood for five years, until it was beaten by Marleen Renders in 1994.[3] She was third at the Paris Marathon in a near-personal best time of 2:33:58 hours and won a second title in Brussels, which was also the national championship race that year.[2] Her last marathon outing that year was the Carpi Marathon in October and she again reached the podium, taking third place.[6]

Aerts made three international appearances for Belgium: she was seventeenth in the marathon at the 1990 European Athletics Championships and competed at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 1989 and 1990.[7]


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