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Nelly Thüring (Vankiva 21 June 1875 - Enskede 2 January 1972), was a Swedish politician (Social Democrat). She was one of the first women elected to the Swedish parliament.

Nelly Thüring was a shop clerk in 1890-96 and thereafter a photographer 1896-1933. She was a member of the city council of Gothenburg in 1917-1920. In 1921, she became one of the five first women to be elected to the Swedish Parliament after women were allowed to vote. She was elected alongside Agda Östlund (Social Democrat), Bertha Wellin (Conservative) and Elisabeth Tamm (liberal) in the lower chamber, and Kerstin Hesselgren in the upper chamber. She was a member of the central committee of Social Democratic Women in 1924-1928 and chairperson of the Enskede Social Democratic Women's Club in 1926-1928.


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