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For an audio compression codec, see Asao (codec).
Nellymoser, Inc.
Industry Mobile Computing
Founded March 1, 2000
Headquarters Arlington, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
CEO: John Puterbaugh
Products Nellymoser Platform
Media On-Demand
Infotainment On-Demand
Speech and audio codecs
Revenue N/A
Number of employees
55 (November 2006)

Nellymoser, Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in mobile computing. Its main products include the Nellymoser Platform and Media On-Demand, Music Companion & Infotainment On-Demand Mobile Advantage Packs.

Corporate history[edit]

The company was founded by John Puterbaugh (Founder & Chief Strategist) on March 1, 2000. It was initially focused on speech and audio compression technology for resource-constrained devices such as game consoles and toys. It subsequently moved into delivering mobile 2.0 services.

2002 - Microsoft and Macromedia licensed Nellymoser codecs for Xbox and Flash.[1][2]
2004 - Nellymoser was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Award Best Mobile Music Interactivity Solution Of The Year and Best In Show Mobile Music Solution at CTIA.[3][4]
2005 - Nellymoser closed a US$5.3 million round of funding by Softbank Capital. The same year Nellymoser released V2.0 of its platform and powered one of the first US mobile music streaming services with Warner Music Group.
2006 - Nellymoser powered various mobile media services including MTV Network's Comedy Central Take Out and VH1 Mobile Junk 20, and Hachette Filipacchi Media US Car and Driver Mobile.
2007 - Nellymoser released V3.0 of its platform and was selected by AlwaysOn Media as a Top 100 Private Company Award Winner, and by IDC as one of Ten Emerging Wireless Players to Watch in 2007.[5][6]
March 11, 2013 - Nellymoser acquired by Brown Printing Company, a Gruner + Jahr Company.[7]


Nellymoser Platform[edit]

The mobile media services platform is geared towards media companies and network operators so that they can deliver interactive, rich mobile experiences to the broadest audience. The platform plugs into existing content management systems, network operator infrastructure, billing systems and advertising networks.

Music Companion[edit]

The Music Companion Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser designed and built with the music fan in mind, offering an individual, tailored experience for each user. Music Companion presents news, charts, tour information and new tracks of interest, minimizing the number of clicks to relevant content.

Media On-Demand[edit]

The Media On-Demand Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser that allows end-users to browse, navigate, and choose audio and video streams from pre-programmed channels, playlists, video lineups and audio programming.

Infotainment On-Demand[edit]

The Infotainment On-Demand Mobile Advantage Pack (MAP) is a managed mobile service from Nellymoser that delivers interactive news, information and entertainment to end-users.

Speech and audio compression[edit]

Notable codecs produced by Nellymoser include the Asao Codec used in Adobe Flash, speech codec used in Microsoft's Xbox Live. Speech codecs originated from MIT's Lincoln Labs and were based on McAulay and Quatieri's sinusoidal transform coding model.[8] The Asao product family is based on Nellymoser's proprietary Scalable Projective Transform Coding technology (SPTC).[9]


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