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Nelson was the name of a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It first appeared on the hustings in the general election of 1916 in place of the former riding of Nelson City. Its last appearance was in the 1928 election. Following redistribution, the Nelson area was combined with the Creston riding to create Nelson-Creston, which first appeared in the 1933 election.

For other current and historical electoral districts in the Kootenay region, please see Kootenay (electoral districts).


Population, 1916
Population change, 1916–1931
Area (km²)
Population density (people per km²)

Political geography[edit]

Notable elections[edit]

Notable MLAs[edit]

Electoral history[edit]

Note: Winners in each election are in bold.

14th British Columbia election, 1916
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
  Independent Liberal 1 George Bell 125 10.09% unknown
  Liberal Archie Mainwaring Johnson 507 40.92% unknown
     Conservative William Oliver Rose 607 48.99% unknown
Total valid votes 1,239 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
1 When identified as a "Socialist" in the election results printed in a Vancouver daily, Bloomer wrote a letter to object and called himself an Independent
15th British Columbia election, 1920
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
  Liberal James O'Shea 763 38.25% unknown
     Conservative William Oliver Rose 1,232 61.75% unknown
Total valid votes 1,995 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
16th British Columbia election, 1924
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
  Liberal Kenneth Campbell 902 43.14% unknown
     Conservative Charles Forbes McHardy 711 34.00% unknown
Farmer–Labour George Turner ² 478 22.86% unknown
Total valid votes 2,091 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %
² Endorsed by Provincial Party.
17th British Columbia election, 1928
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
     Conservative Lorris E. Borden 1,338 53.07% unknown
  Liberal Duncan Daniel McLean 1,183 46.93% unknown
Total valid votes 2,521 100.00%
Total rejected ballots 48
Turnout %

The Nelson riding was redistributed after the 1928 election. In the 1933 election the Nelson-Kootenay Lake area was represented by the new riding of Nelson-Creston.


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