Nelson Mandela Mural by Shepard Fairey

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Nelson Mandela
ArtistShepard Fairey
TypeSpraypaint and acrylic
Dimensions28.8 m × 7 m (94.5 ft × 23 ft)
LocationJohannesburg, South Africa

The Nelson Mandela Mural is a 10-storey, 2,174 square feet (202.0 m2) public artwork on Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, created by Shepard Fairey and completed in September 2014.[citation needed] It pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and the 25th anniversary of the Purple Rain Protest.[citation needed] The mural overlooks the Nelson Mandela Bridge, and is seen by many as a sequel to Fairey's iconic Barack Obama HOPE poster.[citation needed]

"It is a huge exclamation point in the heart of Johannesburg..." said Patrick Gaspard, American Ambassador to South Africa, "...It forces us to stop, and remember the long struggle for freedom in this country, and the miraculous achievements of Nelson Mandela."[citation needed]

The project was curated and produced by Jesse Stagg with the support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the U.S. State department, Play Braamfontein, and the South African Consulate of Los Angeles.[citation needed]

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