Nem chua rán

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Nem chua rán served with cucumber and nước chấm

Nem chua rán is one of the best-known foods eaten by teenagers in Vietnam.[citation needed]


How to make it[edit]

  1. Making nem: To make sour fried spring rolls, you should use sweet nem, or nem chua just finished, not fermented silage. Note: after the rolls mixing is finished, you do not use banana leaves, squeeze rolls into bite-size pieces. To rolls around 3–5 hours is the most delicious fried.
  2. Tempura: Roll each piece of dough fried rolls over ruffled. If you like, you can roll over a layer of flour, one egg layers and finally rolling over ruffled fried dough. This is done exactly the same as when cooked meat fried or cheese sticks.
  3. Fry: Let oil into a frying pan, heat, and then let each roll fried until golden, pick up for oil drain.[1]


Nem chua rán is served with chilli sauce and cucumbers or papayas.[2][3]

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