Nemanjina Street

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The Serbian Government building in Nemanjina Street
Railway Museum in Nemanjina Street
The new headquarters of the National bank of Serbia in Nemanjina Street

Nemanjina Street (Serbian Cyrillic: Немањина улица; English: Nemanja Street) is a very important thoroughfare in downtown Belgrade, Serbia, in the Savski Venac municipality. After the completion of the construction of the Railway station in 1884, it became one of the city's main communicational links. The street got its name in 1896, when it was named after a Serbian ruler from the 12th century, Stefan Nemanja.

Location and architecture[edit]

Nemanjina Street is located in one of the most important places in Belgrade. It connects Belgrade's main railway station with the popular Slavija Square. Many of the most important administrative buildings in Belgrade are located in Nemanjina Street. The Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building that was bombed in 1999 during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, as well as the new building of the National Bank of Serbia are placed here. The building of Serbian Government in front of which Serbian prime minister Zoran Đinđić was assassinated March 12, 2003 is also located in this street.


In the winter of 2005, the reconstruction of the street began. It was one of the most important projects for the City of Belgrade. Not only did it have to close one of the most populous streets, but workers had to work at great speeds to complete the projects. When the project was finished in the Spring of 2006, the new tram rails have been put in, the new pathways constructed, a new parking lot was opened in the street, and the drainage underneath the street was changed and modernized.

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