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Flag of Nemenčinė
Coat of arms of Nemenčinė
Coat of arms
Nemenčinė is located in Lithuania
Location of Nemenčinė
Coordinates: 54°51′0″N 25°29′0″E / 54.85000°N 25.48333°E / 54.85000; 25.48333Coordinates: 54°51′0″N 25°29′0″E / 54.85000°N 25.48333°E / 54.85000; 25.48333
Country Lithuania
Ethnographic regionAukštaitija
CountyVilnius County flag.svg Vilnius County
MunicipalityVilnius district municipality
EldershipNemenčinė eldership
Capital ofNemenčinė eldership
First mentioned14th century
Granted city rights1955
(2011 Census)
 • Total5,054
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Nemenčinė (About this soundpronunciation , see names section for alternate and historic names) is a city in Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania, it is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) north-east of Vilnius.


Nemenčinė is the original name of the city reflected in historical documents and still in use today.[1] It derives from a Lithuanian word referring to the river Nemenčia.[1] Other versions of the name include Niemenczyn in Polish, Неменчын in Belarusian, Неменчине (or Нямянчине) in Russian, Nementschine in German and Nementchin (נעמענטשין) in Yiddish.


In 1387, following the Christianization of Lithuania, Jogaila established the first Christian parish in Nemenčinė and built a church there.

On September 20, 1941, 403 Jews from the city were massacred in a mass execution. 128 men, 186 women and 99 children were shot by an Einsatzgruppen of Lithuanian Nazis.[2] Today, there is a memorial on the execution site.

Ethnic composition[edit]

The ethnic composition of Nemenčinė is as follows:[3]

Total population in 2011 – 5054

International partnership[edit]

Nemenčinė is twinned with three towns in Poland: Węgorzewo (Ungura), Ełk (Lukas) and Suwałki (Suvalkai). It also has a partnership agreement with Poland's West Pomeranian Voivodeship, signed in Vilnius on 19 June 2009.[4]



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Sculpture of Mary at the center of the city