Nemesis Game

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Nemesis Game
Directed by Jesse Warn
Produced by Matthew Metcalfe
Suzanne Berger
Written by Jesse Warn
Starring Carly Pope
Adrian Paul
Ian McShane
Music by Frank Ilfman
Cinematography Aaron Morton
Distributed by Liongate
Release date
  • 2003 (2003)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Canada
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $3,000,000 (estimated)

Nemesis Game is a 2003 mystery-thriller film directed and written by Jesse Warn. The story itself involves the main character, Sara Novak (played by Carly Pope), solving complex riddles and mysterious deaths of people around her.


The main character of the movie is Sara Novak, a college student who, along with comic book store owner named Vern (played by Adrian Paul), spend their time solving riddles. The movie takes a twist when the riddles lead to the death of her friend Jeremy (played by Jay Baruchel), leaving Sara to fear whether she is someone else's game.


Awards and nominations[edit]

2003 New Zealand Film Awards


  • Makeup – Barbara Barkey
  • Design – Peter Cosco
  • Editing – Bruce Lange
  • Cinematography – Aaron Morton


  • Best Film
  • Best Contribution to a Soundtrack – Frank Ilfman
  • Best Costume Design – Shelley Mansell
  • Best Director – Jesse Warn
  • Best Screenplay – Jesse Warn

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