Nemesis Records

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This article is about Southern California record label. For other uses, see Nemesis Records (disambiguation).
Nemesis Records
Nemesis Records.jpg
Founded 1988[1]
Founder "Big" Frank Harrison[2]
Status Defunct 1993[2]
Distributor(s) Cargo Records[1]
Genre Hardcore punk,[2] punk rock[2]
Country of origin United States
Location Long Beach, California[1]

Nemesis Records was an American independent record label which released the Offspring's debut studio album, The Offspring, in 1989 as well as their 1991 EP Baghdad.[3] Nemesis was founded by "Big" Frank Harrison, distributed by Cargo Records from Canada and closed in 1993.[1]

January 2017 Big Frank Harrison released a book titled "The History of Nemesis Records and Big Frank Harrison". The book is available for sale though Reaper Records.



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