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Acharya Shri Nemichandra Siddhanta Chakravarty
Image of digambar acharya (head of the monastic order)
Religion Jainism
Sect Digambara
Born 10th century CE
Died 10th century CE

Nemichandra Siddhanta Chakravarty (fl. 10th century) was the author of Dravyasamgraha, Gommatsāra (Jivakanda and Karmakanda), Trilokasara, Labdhisara and Kshapanasara. He was among the most distinguished of the Jain Acharyas.


Nemichandra flourished in the 10th century AD.[1] He was popularly known as "Siddhanta-Chakravarti" (i.e. the Paramount Lord of the Philosophy).[2]

He was the spiritual teacher of Chavundaraya and their relation is expressed in the 1530 AD inscription in the enclosure of Padmavati temple, Nagar Taluka, Shimoga district.[2]


At the request of Chavundaraya, Nemichandra wrote Gommatsāra taking the essence of all available works of the great Acharyas.[2] He also supervised the abhisheka (consecration) of the Gommateshwara statue (on 13 March 980 AD).[2][3] His Dravyasamgraha is a Jain sacred text.[4] He also wrote Trilokasara based on the Tiloya Panatti,[5] Labdhisara, Kshapanasara, Pratishthapatha and Pratishthatilaka.[6][1]

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