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Country of origin Ukraine (Nemyriv)

Nemiroff was established in the year of 1992 as one of the first enterprises in Ukraine with foreign investments in the production of vodka. Today it is a manufacturer of high alcohol and one of the leaders of the world alcohol market, known in 80 countries around the world. The company is in the top 3 suppliers of vodka in duty-free shops in the world[1].

The shareholders: Yakov Gribov and Bella Finkelstein - 53.36%, Anatoly Kipish - 46.64%.

Production is based in Nemyriv, a town in Vinnytsia Oblast, and was established on the place of a distillery that existed from 1872 specializing in production of horilka.

In 2004 Nemiroff launched the production of alcohol[2][failed verification].

From November 2018 the official sponsor of the UFC.