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Nemotek Technologie
Industry Semiconductor
Founded 2008
Headquarters Morocco
Key people
CEO: José da Costa Gatta

Wafer-level Packaging (WLP) Wafer-level optics (WLO)

Wafer-level cameras (WLC)

Nemotek Technologie, is a high-tech manufacturing company, established in May 2008, based in Rabat Technopolis Park, Morocco.

Nemotek Technologie, funded by Caisse de dépôt et de gestion (CDG), manufactures customized wafer-level cameras for portable applications.[1][2][3] It provides customized design and manufacturing services of Wafer-level Packaging,[4] wafer-level optics and wafer-level cameras.[5][6]

In July 2009, Nemotek Technologie announced a new WLP technology, which provides a true chip scale package with only 400om as the minimum thickness.[2] The die size is ultra-small at just 0.6mm, which fits up to 40,000 dies per wafer. This solution is based on advanced WLP technology[7] and delivers based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology, providing customers with thin, reliable, and more sophisticated imaging components for applications including mobile camera phones, mobile computers and other mobile devices used in medical or automotive. In October 2009, Nemotek announced the availability of its miniaturized Wafer-Level Camera (WLC) for portable applications.[8] By producing thousands of lenses simultaneously on a single wafer, Nemotek Technologie streamlines the manufacturing process providing a more cost effective and miniaturized wafer level based on reflow compatible materials.[9]

Further reinforcing the quality and durability of its wafer-level packaging, Nemotek has successfully tested its WLP solutions under extreme temperature conditions, moisture soak levels, and temperature humidity.[10] In November 2009, the company announced the availability of its WLC demonstration kit, which allows portable application vendors the ability to select the best WLC solution to fit their needs. This process has significantly reduced costs associated with additional testing equipment.[11] In December 2009, Nemotek Technologie became the first company to offer WLC design, manufacturing and testing within a single facility. The capability to offer in-house testing for its WLC's simplifies the supply chain process and reduces costs for the image sensor and camera module makers.[12] "Being able to provide the complete manufacturing process to customers is a unique situation, one that has required substantial engineering effort and investment," Nemotek CEO Jacky Perdrigeat told[13]

This year, the company announced the development of a two-element VGA lens which was exhibited at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. A two-element lens is made when two optical wafers are processed and then bonded together.[14][15] "This is the starting point, opening the door to higher megapixel resolutions in wafer-level cameras," said Hatim Limati of Nemotek in an interview with Tim Hayes of IPO Publishing.[16] Nemotek's continued business relationship with EV Group was emphasized this month with a repeat order placed for EVG's bonding and UV nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) systems.[17][18]

Most recently, Nemotek announced a one-element wider field of view lens for portable applications. The lens provides a field of view up to 65 degrees while traditional lenses tend to be limited to 60 degrees.[19] The announcement is already making waves in the mobile camera market.[20] The new lens narrows the gap with standalone digital cameras a bit more.[21] The development is considered a milestone for Nemotek.[22]

Despite the overall downtown in the world economy over the past several years, Nemotek has remained optimistic about the future. In an interview with Marie Freebody of Photonics Media in October 2009, Nemotek's CEO Jacky Perdrigeat expressed confidence in the mobile camera market. "Camera penetration in cell phones is growing as demand from emerging markets/countries grows. What’s more, requests for secondary cameras on the front face of cell phones for video applications are also growing.”[23] The company’s manufacturing plant resides in a 10,000m² facility and includes the first Class 10 clean room in Africa.[24] Its clean room was validated and certified by Luseo an independent certification company based in France.[25]


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