Nemunas Delta Regional Park

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Nemunas Delta Regional Park, established in 1994, is located in Lithuania within the Nemunas Delta where the Nemunas flows into the Baltic Sea. The park covers 29,013 hectares.[1]

The park, a Ramsar Convention site, lies on the East Atlantic Flyway, a major bird migration route; over 70,000 migratory birds are ringed there annually.[2] About one-fifth of it is covered by water, including Lake Krokų Lanka and the rivers Rusne, Skirvyte, Atmata, Pakalne, Vorusne, and Aukstumale.[3] It also supports hay and dairy farming, fishing, hunting, peat production, tourism, recreation, and conservation education.[2]

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Coordinates: 55°18′N 21°24′E / 55.300°N 21.400°E / 55.300; 21.400