Nemuno Žiedas

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Nemuno Žiedas
Circuit of Kacergine.png
Location Kačerginė, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°54′58″N 23°42′30″E / 54.91611°N 23.70833°E / 54.91611; 23.70833Coordinates: 54°54′58″N 23°42′30″E / 54.91611°N 23.70833°E / 54.91611; 23.70833
Major events BaTCC
Length 3.301 km (2.051 mi)
Turns 10

Nemuno Žiedas is a motor racing circuit in Kačerginė, a small town near Kaunas, Lithuania opened in 1960.[1] Lithuanian and Baltic touring cars championships rounds are held in Nemuno žiedas, as well as many professional and amateur events.

The revamp of the track in 2003 was made with consultancy of Marcel Martin, one of the most respected circuit specialists from the FIA. Two years later he confirmed many positive changes in attempt to ensure the safety of the competitors and spectators.

The circuit is still considered as a low category venue, with many corners being unsafe due to the lack of gravel traps, armco and poor surface. The frequent accidents of cars and especially motorbikes that led to serious injuries further hurt the reputation of the Lithuanian race track.


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