Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei

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"Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei"
Single by Misia
from the album Kiss in the Sky
Released8 August 2002
FormatMaxi Single
GenreR&B, J-Pop
LabelRhythmedia Tribe
Songwriter(s)Misia, Ken Matsubara, Jun Sasaki
Misia singles chronology
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"Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei"
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"Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei" (眠れぬ夜は君のせい, lit. "My Sleepless Nights Are Your Fault") is Misia's 10th single. It was released on August 8, 2002. It reached #1, selling 128,630 copies in its first week. It was used as theme song for the drama "Ren'ai Hensachi" as well as in a commercial for Kirin's "Rakuda" beverage.

Track list[edit]

All lyrics written by Misia.

1."Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei (眠れぬ夜は君のせい, My Sleepless Nights Are Your Fault)"5:24
2."Shining Star"5:23
3."Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no Sei (Instrumental) (眠れぬ夜は君のせい (Instrumental))"5:23


Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
8 August 2002 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 322,361 12 weeks
Oricon Monthly Singles Chart 5
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 28

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