Nemzeti Bajnokság I/A (women's basketball)

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Hungarian national championship for women's
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2014–15 Nemzeti Bajnokság I/A (women's basketball)
Sport Basketball
Founded 1933
Inaugural season 1933
No. of teams 10
Country  Hungary Hungary
Continent European Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent champion(s) PINKK-Pécsi 424 (1st title)
Official website

The Hungarian national championship for women's (English: National Championship I/A, commonly abbreviated NB I/A) is the top professional league for women's basketball in Hungary, organized and supervised by the Magyar Kosárlabdázók Országos Szövetsége.


Clubs of the 2013–14 season[edit]

Team City Venue Capacity
Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc Miskolc Generali Arena
Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd Szekszárd Városi Sportcsarnok 526
Ceglédi EKK Cegléd Városi Sportcsarnok
HAT AGRO UNI Győr Győr Egyetemi Csarnok 1,998
MKB Euroleasing Vasas Budapest Pasaréti Sportcentrum 300
MTK-Budapest Budapest BSE Kosárlabda Csarnok 500
PINKK-Pécsi 424 Komló Városi Sportcsarnok
PEAC-Pécs Pécs Lauber Dezső Sportcsarnok 3,000
UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron Sopron MKB Aréna 2,000
ZTE NKK Zalaegerszeg Városi Sportcsarnok 1,800

List of champions[edit]

Selected foreign players[edit]

The following list contains players who played in the WNBA and/or achieved a medal on a major international tournament such as Olympic Games and World Championship or significantly contributed to the development of the league.


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