Nenhum de Nós

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Nenhum de Nós
Nenhum de Nós.jpg
Background information
OriginPorto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
GenresPop rock, alternative rock, Brazilian rock
Years active1986–present
Orbeat Music
Universal Music
Radar Records
MembersCarlos Stein
João Vicenti
Sady Hömrich
Thedy Corrêa
Veco Marques

Nenhum de Nós (Portuguese for None of Us) is a Brazilian pop rock band formed in 1986 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The band primarily consists of former Engenheiros do Hawaii member Carlos Stein (guitar), João Vicenti (keyboards), Sady Hömrich (drums), Thedy Corrêa (lead vocals) and Veco Marques (guitar). One of the most famous Brazilian pop rock bands, they are well known for the song "Camila, Camila".


After having helped form the band Engenheiros do Hawaii and playing in two shows, Carlos Stein left the band to form another band with some friends that he had known since elementary school, Sady Homrich and Thedy Correa. In 1986 in Rio Grande do Sul they started playing together and came up with the name Nenhum de Nós (None of Us). They wanted a name that would spark the curiosity of others, but also showed something that each of them had in common: None of us sees very well, None of us stayed in school, None of us joined the army, etc...

Thedy sang and played the acoustic guitar as a bass, Carlos played electric guitar and Sady played the drums. After only 6 shows the band caught the interests of a music producer from São Paulo and recorded their first album, Nenhum de Nós. The album was released in 1987 and contained their now classic Camila, Camila.

Two Years later, in 1989, they released their next album Cardume. Among the songs included on the album was "O Astronauta de Mármore" ("The Marble Astronaut"), a Portuguese language version of David Bowie's "Starman". The band has since released nine more albums and one DVD. They are currently finishing up work on another CD and DVD to commemorate 20 years together.

In 1991 the band played in Rock in Rio II. In 1992 the band was joined by Veco Marques. He would play acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, and sitar. In 1996 they were joined by their most recent member, João Vicente. Vicente plays the piano, keyboard, and accordion.



  • Nenhum de Nós - 1987
  • Cardume - 1989
  • Extraño - 1990
  • Nenhum de Nós - 1992
  • Acústico ao Vivo - 1994
  • Mundo Diablo - 1996
  • Paz e Amor - 1998
  • Onde você estava em 93? - (recorded in 1993, released in 2000)
  • Histórias reais, seres imaginários - 2001
  • Acústico ao Vivo 2 - 2003
  • Pequeno Universo - 2005
  • Nenhum a céu aberto - 2007
  • Paz e Amor Acústico - 2009 (from live material recorded in Porto Alegre in December 2000 plus three bonus tracks recorded 2009)
  • Contos de Água e Fogo - 2011
  • "Sempre e Hoje" - 2015


  • Nenhum de Nós ao vivo Acústico Theatro São Pedro - 2002
  • Nenhum a céu aberto - 2007


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