Nentón River

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Nentón River
(río Nentón)
Country Guatemala
Basin features
Main source Guatemala
2,000 m (6,600 ft)
15°49′07″N 91°37′14″W / 15.818681°N 91.620569°W / 15.818681; -91.620569 (Sources Río Nentón)
River mouth Tributary of the Seleguá River

The Río Nentón is a river in Guatemala. From its sources in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes of Huehuetenango, the river flows in a north-westerly direction, crosses the border with Mexico at 15°47′52″N 91°53′28″W / 15.797705°N 91.891150°W / 15.797705; -91.891150 (Río Seleguá) and joins the Río Seleguá which continues northwards to the Presa de La Angostura, one of Mexico's largest artificial lakes. The Nentón river basin covers an area of 1,451 square kilometres (560 sq mi) in Guatemala.[1]


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