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Directed by V. N. Aditya
Produced by D. Sivaprasad Reddy
Written by Paruchuri Brothers (dialogues)
Screenplay by V. N. Aditya
Story by Bhupathi Raja
Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni
Shriya Saran
Arti Agarwal
Music by M. M. Keeravani
Cinematography J. Siva Kumar
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Kamakshi Movies
Release date
  • 7 April 2004 (2004-04-07)
Running time
153 minutes
Country India India
Language Telugu

Nenunnanu (English: I Am There) is a 2004 Telugu film produced by D.Sivaprasad Reddy on Kamakshi Movies banner, directed by V. N. Aditya. Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Shriya Saran and Arti Agarwal in the lead roles and music by M. M. Keeravani was a big asset to the film. This movie was then dubbed in Tamil as Chandramadhi and in Hindi as Vishwa - The He-Man. The film recorded as Super Hit at the box-office.


Venu (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is an orphan and a contractor at Vizag port. Anu (Shriya Saran) is a student in classical singing. Sruthi (Arti Agarwal) is Anu's friend. Anu makes an attempt to elope with her boyfriend Arun. Arun is the son of a Business tycoon JP (Mukesh Rishi). JP sends police across to nab Anu. As police nab Arun, Venu rescues Anu. Anu's father disassociates himself from his daughter. Then Venu takes Anu to his place and gives assurance. Venu finds out where Arun is and gets Anu married to him. JP tells his son that Venu and Anu have an affair as they live together in the same house. Arun gets suspicious about Anu's character and leaves the marriage venue immediately after the marriage. Anu is back in Venu's place. Venu is in the mission of locating Arun and convince him to come back to Anu. As Anu and Venu spend more time together, they get closer. Venu never takes advantage of it and treats Anu like a good friend. Anu pines for Arun but comes to know that Arun is getting married to the Minister's daughter. Venu goes to the engagement venue and tries to stop Arun from getting engaged. Anu comes and slaps Arun, saying that their marriage is over. She goes for a singing competition with Venu accompanying her. She wins the competition as well as her father's love. Arun, meanwhile tries to kill Venu but accidentally gets an electric shock. He gets paralysed for life. JP seeks revenge. Sruthi falls for Venu. Anu goes back to her father's house and now, being unmarried, thinks over her relationship with Venu. She realises that she loves Venu. Venu, too, reveals among his friends that he loves Anu, but will never tell her. Sruthi overhears both Anu and Venu's feelings and decides to sacrifice her love for Venu. Her parents decide to get her married to Venu. Sruthi refuses to get married to Venu and tells them everything. Sruthi's mother gets angry and asks Anu to arrange her daughter's and Venu's wedding. Anu gets heartbroken but thinks that it's better for everyone. Sruthi goes to Venu and tells him that Anu too loves him. Anu is kidnapped by JP and his goons.

Venu goes to save Anu. After a big fight, he is able to defeat JP and save Anu but Anu is stabbed. Sruthi comes and she takes Anu to the hospital. Venu comes to the hospital later. Anu asks the doctors to allow her to meet Venu before treating her. Anu and Venu confess their love for each other. Anu is successfully operated and finally united with Venu, with everyone's, including Sruthi's mother's wishes.



Film score by M. M. Keeravani
Released 2004
Genre Soundtrack
Length 33:32
Label Aditya Music
Producer M. M. Keeravani
M. M. Keeravani chronology
Naa Autograph
(2004)Naa Autograph2004

The music was composed by M. M. Keeravani. All songs are blockbusters. Music released on ADITYA Music Company. Especially the song "E Shwasalo" sung by Chithra was a huge hit and was a big part in aming at the success of the film. This song is remainded as one of the career best song for Chithra.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Ettago Unnadi" Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry Chitra, Tippu 4:51
2. "E Shwasalo" Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry Chitra 5:08
3. "Nee Kosam" Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry KK, Shreya Ghoshal 5:30
4. "Nenunnanani" Chandrabose M. M. Keeravani, Sunitha 3:31
5. "Ryali Ravulupadu" Chandrabose Tippu, Sunitha 5:33
6. "Intha Dhooramochinaka" Chandrabose Tippu, Shreya Ghoshal 4:33
7. "Nuziveedu" Chandrabose Arnod Chakravarthy, Shreya Ghoshal 4:20
Total length: 33:32

Box-office performance[edit]

  • The film collected 22.7 crores and had a 50-day run in 125 centres and a 100-day run in 42 centres.It was one of the highest grosser in Nagarjuna's career while major business was from A centers[1][2]


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