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Logo NeoLoad Transparent.png
Written inJava
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, macOS
Available inEnglish, French
TypeLoad testing
LicenseProprietary software

NeoLoad (load and stress testing) is an automated performance testing platform for enterprise organizations continuously testing from APIs to applications. It provides testers and developers automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire software development lifecycle toolchain. It is designed, developed and marketed by Neotys, a privately owned company based in Gémenos, France.


NeoLoad works by simulating traffic (up to millions of users) to determine application performance under load, analyze response times and pinpoint the number of the simultaneous users which the Internet, intranet or mobile application can handle. Tests can be performed from inside the firewall (in-house) or from the cloud.

In addition to simulating network traffic, it also simulates end-user transaction activity including common tasks like submitting forms or executing searches by emulating "virtual" users accessing web application modules. It provides the performance information required to troubleshoot bottlenecks for tuning the application and the supporting servers. It monitors the newest web, database and application servers such as JBoss application server, HP-UX 11, Weblogic, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, and MySQL database.

Its "scripts" are developed via a GUI, which provides conditions, loops, and other programming structures. JavaScript may be inserted for more advanced uses, such as password encryption.

  • It supports basic, digest, NTLM and form-based authentication.
  • It can record HTTPS requests, play them back and supports client certificate authentication.
  • It supports ActiveX components as long as communication with the server is via the HTTP protocol.
  • It supports any type of web application including those using J2EE, .NET, AJAX, Flex, Silverlight, GWT, SOAP, PHP, Push technology, etc. as long as they are HTTP 1.0 or 1.1 compliant.
  • It supports hybrid and native mobile applications.
  • It supports video (HTTP streaming and RTMP).
  • JSON and SPDY protocol are also supported.
  • It emulates Network conditions (latency, packet loss and bandwidth).

Release history[edit]

Version Release date New optional modules
1.0 March 1, 2005 -
1.1 July 26, 2005 -
2.0 July 27, 2006 SOAP / Linux & Solaris platforms monitor / SNMP monitor / Apache monitor / WebLogic monitor / Websphere monitor
2.1 February 13, 2007 Apache Tomcat monitor / Oracle database monitor
2.2 June 17, 2007 AIX monitor / HP-UX monitor / JBoss monitor / MySQL monitor
2.3 December 3, 2007 OAS monitor / JOnAS monitor / DB2 database monitor / PostgreSQL database monitor
2.4 March 28, 2008 Adobe Flex / Oracle Forms / IIS monitor / SQL Server monitor / .Net monitor
2.4.2 May 19, 2008 Refactor of Telnet/SSH module in two modules Linux and Solaris.
2.4.4 July 3, 2008 Dynatrace
3.0 May 15, 2009 GWT
3.0.6 October 15, 2009 GlassFish / SAP / Adobe LCDS
3.1 June 8, 2010 Push / RTMP / Java Serialization
3.1.3 October 26, 2010 CA APM
3.2.0 February 23, 2011 Cloud / Siebel / Silverlight / VMware monitor
4.0.0 April 4, 2012 Collaboration / JMX monitor
4.1.0 November 21, 2012 Monitoring Data Import module
4.2.0 October 30, 2013 MongoDB monitor / Kaazing monitor / AppDynamics integration / Push module renamed to "Websocket & Push
5.0.2 November 7, 2014 Data Exchange API / Custom Actions Extensions / Recorded Content Updater / Graph Boards
5.1.0 June 10, 2015 MAC OS X Controller, Hessian Web Services, Java Message Services
5.1.1 July 21, 2015 Nudge APM Support
6.2 November 16, 2017 Native GIT support
6.5 June 7, 2018 LoadRunner Migration tool, Support for Jenkins, Enhancements in Web UX, Ranorex integration
6.6 September 6, 2018 SAP GUI Load Testing Efficiency, LoadRunner Script Converter, Integration with XL Release from XebiaLabs
6.7 November 8, 2018 Expanded SAP GUI Load Testing Productivity, Open Sourced Version of LoadRunner Script Converter, Enhanced APM Integration with AppDynamics
6.8 January 10, 2019 Data Exchange API, Test Design as Code, Tricentis Tosca integration
6.9 March 14, 2019 Resource Reservation (Preview), Worksoft integration, Test as Code: Define and Use SLAs