Neo (Hungarian band)

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Neo zenekar.jpg
Background information
Origin Budapest, Hungary
Genres New wave, electronica, pop
Years active 1998–Present
Labels neoworld records
Members Mátyás Milkovics
Enikő Hodosi
Péter Kőváry
Past members Márk Moldvai
Krisztián Szűcs
Ábrahám Zsolt

Neo are a Hungarian indie-electronic band, best known for producing the music for the movie Kontroll.

The band was formed in autumn of 1998 from the idea of Mátyás Milkovics. During the first five years of existence, Márk Moldvai worked with Mátyás Milkovics as a duo. Their first single was released in 1998, an adaptation of "The Pink Panther Theme".[1]

2004 marked the birth of an entirely new Neo, in which, with Mátyás Milkovics, were Enikő Hodosi, Péter Kőváry and Gergő Szőcs, an electro-drummer who joined the creative group in the second part of the year.


Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Eklektogram (1999) #11
  • Lo-Tech Man, Hi-Tech World (2002)
  • Kontroll EP (2003)
  • Maps for a Voyage (2006) #8
  • Six Pixels EP (2010)
  • The Picture (2011)


  • The Pink Panther Theme (1998)
  • Persuaders (1999)
  • Aiiaiiiyo (2000)
  • Diskhead (2002)
  • Everybody Come On (2002) #3
  • Kontroll/It's Over Now (2004)#13
  • It's Over Now (2005, Never released)
  • Record Straight (2006) #1
  • Absolution (2007) #24
  • Spellbound (2008) #39
  • Serial Killer (2010)
  • Hiii Train (2011)



  • "A Planetary Voyage" (2007)

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