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Issue 69 - March 2010
Editor Gemma Cox
Categories Anime and Manga
Frequency Monthly
First issue December 2004
Company Uncooked Media
Country United Kingdom

Neo (written next to the logo is the title in katakana, ネオ) is a 100-page monthly magazine published in the United Kingdom and Ireland published by Uncooked Media. The magazine focuses on various aspects of East Asian entertainment such as Japanese anime (animation) and manga (graphic novels); Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese films; and Japanese pop, rock and visual kei.

The magazine features anime, manga, video game, film and book review sections that cover books pertaining to East Asian entertainment, such as director biographies or Japanese cookbooks, a monthly tutorial run by Sweatdrop Studios on the basics of creating manga-styled illustrations and interviews with people in East Asian entertainment, actors bands.[1][2][3][4][5] A letters page features reader's art and feedback on specific topics, and an anime and manga cosplay photo gallery.

Beginning in 2009 Neo started offering fans the ability to review anime previously covered in the magazine.

Neo magazine is widely stocked and distributed through retailers across the UK and is also available online and through mail order.

Neo is available in American bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and offers subscriptions to American readers at UK prices. Its only competitor in the American market is Otaku USA.

Neo Awards[edit]

Neo runs an annual awards competition to celebrate the best of East Asian entertainment in the UK. Winners are decided by a poll in which Neo readers are invited to vote. Voting is exclusively online (2007 onward). Winners are announced at the London MCM Expo and winners receive trophies.

To be eligible, products must have been released or had significant fan activity during the prior 12-month September to August period.


In 2007, the awards were: Best Anime Movie - Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, Best Anime Distributor - ADV Films, Best Anime Series - Gungrave, Best Anime Character - Rock Lee (Naruto), Best Asian Movie - The Host, Best Actor - Park Sang-myeong (My Wife is a Gangster), Best Actress - Gong Li (Curse of the Golden Flower), Best Asian Film Distributor - Optimum, Best Manga - Death Note, Best Manga Character - L (Death Note), Best Manga Distributor - TOKYOPOP, Best Merchandiser - TokyoToys.[6]


Neo‍ '​s staff includes editor Gemma Cox and contributions from Jonathan Clements, Calum Waddell, David West, Matt Kamen, Tom Smith, Popi Atom, Matt Stogdon, Lesley Smith and Nik White.

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