Neo Chorio, Paphos

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Neo Chorio
Skyline of Neo Chorio
Neo Chorio is located in Cyprus
Neo Chorio
Neo Chorio
Coordinates: 35°01′31″N 32°21′53″E / 35.02528°N 32.36472°E / 35.02528; 32.36472Coordinates: 35°01′31″N 32°21′53″E / 35.02528°N 32.36472°E / 35.02528; 32.36472[1]
Country Cyprus
DistrictPaphos District
Elevation157 m (515 ft)
 • Total519

Neo Chorio (Greek: Νέο Χωριό, meaning New Village; Turkish: Neohoryo) is a village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, about 8 km west of Polis. Until 1958, it had a mixed Greek- and Turkish Cypriot population with a Greek Cypriot majority. Amid the intercommunal violence, the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Neo Chorio fled to Androlykou, a nearby Turkish Cypriot village. In 1975, following the Turkish invasion of the previous year and subsequent division of the island, most Turkish Cypriots of Neo Chorio resettled in Myrtou, now in Northern Cyprus.[4] In 2011, Neo Chorio had a population of 519.[3]


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