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The Neoarchean (/ˌn..ɑrˈk.ən/; also spelled Neoarchaean) is a geologic era within the Archaean.

The Neoarchean spans the period of time from 2,800 to 2,500 million years ago—the period being defined chronometrically and not referenced to a specific level in a rock section on Earth.

Complex life[edit]

Oxygenic photosynthesis first evolved in this era and was accountable for the oxygen catastrophe which was to happen later in the Paleoproterozoic from a poisonous buildup of oxygen in the atmosphere, produced by these oxygen producing photoautotrophs, which evolved earlier in the Neoarchean.

Continental formation[edit]

The supercontinent Kenorland formed during this period, about 2,700 million years ago.


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