Neon Christ

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Neon Christ
Danny, Randy and Jimmy of Neon Christ.jpg
Danny, Randy and Jimmy of Neon Christ, in January 2006
Background information
OriginAtlanta, Georgia, US
GenresPowerviolence, hardcore punk
Years active1983-1986, 2004, 2008, 2011
LabelsSocial Crisis Records
F-King Records
Associated actsAlice in Chains
Comes with the Fall
No Walls
Past membersRandy DuTeau
William DuVall
Danny Lankford
Jimmy Demer

Neon Christ was an American hardcore punk band from Atlanta, Georgia.


Pioneers of powerviolence, the band was formed in 1983 by Randy DuTeau (vocals), William DuVall (guitar), Danny Lankford (bass guitar), and Jimmy Demer (drums). For a brief spell in 1985, they added a second guitarist named Shawn Devine. The band recorded and released two EPs, Parental Suppression and The Knife That Cuts So Deep, but only the former was a stand-alone; the latter was the second disc of a double 7" release that came out in 1990, four years after the band broke up. The song "Ashes to Ashes" was included as the third track on the International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation, a 1984 double album, released on R Radical Records, featuring 55 hardcore punk acts from around the world.[1][2] They toured throughout the Atlanta area, playing alongside other notable acts such as Corrosion of Conformity and Dead Kennedys. The band played one final show in February 1986 before going their separate ways for the next two decades.

Neon Christ reunited for a one-time show on February 2, 2008 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The reception that they got inspired them to work with director Edgar Johnson on creating a documentary film called All Alone Together: Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore.[3]

William DuVall said of the project:


Parental Suppression[edit]

Cover of Parental Suppression
Side A
1."Parental Suppression" (Track A4 on 1990 reissue) 
2."Draft Song" (Track A1 on 1990 reissue) 
3."Winding/Bad Influence" (Track A2 on 1990 reissue) 
4."Neon Christ" (Track A3 on 1990 reissue) 
Side B
1."We Mean Business" (Omitted from 1990 reissue) 
2."Yoof" (Omitted from 1990 reissue) 
3."It's Mine" (Track B3 on 1990 reissue) 
4."Doom/After" (Tracks B1 and B2 on 1990 reissue) 

The Knife That Cuts So Deep[edit]

Cover of A Seven Inch Two Times
Side C
1."The Knife That Cuts So Deep" 
Side D
1."Ashes To Ashes" 
2."Blind Patriot" 
3."The Death They'll Give You" 

Compilation appearances[edit]

Year Song Title Label
1984 "Ashes to Ashes" P.E.A.C.E. R Radical Records
New Red Archives (1997 CD reissue)
1985 "Bad Influence"
"We Mean Business"
Deflagration Vol. III Deflagration Tapes
1990 "Neon Christ" Mighty Risen Plea Sacred Flames
2000 "Parental Suppression" A Compilation Dedicated To Tim Yohannan - 1945-1998 None
2003 "Draft Song" Queencrust Versus Kiss The Goat None
2012 "It's Mine" Shotgun Seamstress M'lady's Records


Release Date Title Label
TBA All Alone Together: Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore Social Crisis Films


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