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'''Neon Hitch''' is an English singer and songwriter.
'''Neon Hitch''' is an English singer and songwriter and songstealer.
==Life and career==
==Life and career==

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Neon Hitch
Neon Hitch at Lollapalooza in August 2010
Background information
Birth name Neon Hitch
Origin London, England,
United Kingdom
Genres Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop, Deadmau5
Instruments Vocals
Labels Warner Bros

Neon Hitch is an English singer and songwriter and songstealer.

Life and career

Hitch was born in the south England countryside in London.[1][2] Her father was a lighting technician.[2] Her mother bought a caravan to live in when their house burned down.[3] They then became gypsies, street performing, making and selling jewelry and clothing around Europe.[1][2][4] By age four, she was traveling and performing with the Archaos circus. She trained as a trapeze artist, fire swinger and stilt walker and had performed all over Europe by the time she was a teen.[1][2] At age ten, she began writing poetry which led to her writing lyrics.[2] Her boyfriend noticed that she could sing and encouraged her to hone it.[4] She left home at age sixteen to "find her place in the world", wound up in India, and finally settled in London for her music career.[1][4][5] After singing on several tracks for Greensleeves Records, Hitch was signed to Mike Skinner's label The Beats, later going on tour with him.[1] She also opened for 50 Cent at the Nottingham Arena before The Beats closed in 2007.[2]

Soon after, Hitch was flown stateside by James Johnson, owner of Pilot Creative Services Inc, who asked her to go to New York to meet with him and his client, songwriter Benny Blanco, on MySpace.[3][6] She was homeless at the time, occasionally checking her MySpace account at friends' houses, and could not afford the plane ticket to meet him.[3] A little over a year later, she signed James and Pilot as her management and quickly landed a publishing deal with EMI.[2] Within the next year she co-wrote and sang background vocals for pop punk band Friday Night Boys' song "Stupid Love Letter",[7] Kesha's "Blah Blah Blah" and 3OH!3's "Follow Me Down" from the Almost Alice soundtrack.[6][2] She was also featured on Benny Blanco's remix of Miike Snow's song "Burial". In early 2010, she was signed to Warner Bros. Records by Kara Dioguardi and is currently working on her debut album, Beg, Borrow, and Steal, which, ironically, cannot contain (due to legal reasons) her recent release of I Can't Behave Myself, a stolen song originally written by Deadmau5.[8][2] Hitch later performed at Lollapalooza in the summer.[9] She is currently touring with 3OH!3 and Down With Webster.

Current Projects

In 2010 Neon Hitch released a song called "I Can't Behave Myself" that featured an instrumental track called "Seeya Next Tuesday" by Deadmau5. Deadmau5 has commented on Facebook that the track was never used with permission and was received by Neon Hitch through record labels, not with Deadmau5's consent [10]. Deadmau5 is currently planning on releasing the project files for "Seeya Next Tuesday".[11]


Hitch lists The Beatles, Sia, Kate Bush, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jay Thomas, Spice Girls, Daniel Johnston, Nelly Furtado, Miike Snow, Amadou & Mariam, Erykah Badu and The Police as influences.[12]


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