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Temporal range: Middle Triassic
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Therapsida
Suborder: Cynodontia
Stem group: Gomphodontia
Family: Trirachodontidae
Genus: Neotrirachodon
Tatarinov, 2002
N. expectatus
Binomial name
Neotrirachodon expectatus
Tatarinov, 2002[1]

Antecosuchus ochevi
Tatarinov, 1973 (in part)

Neotrirachodon is an extinct genus of cynodonts which existed in Russia during the Middle Triassic period. It contains the type and only species Neotrirachodon expectatus.[3]

It is known from a jaw fossil consisting of the left dentary with postcanines. It was recovered from the Donguz Formation, Orenburg Oblast of Russia.[4][5] The fossil was first described as belonging to the genus Antecosuchus (as Antecosuchus ochevi), a traversodont.[4]

It has tentatively been classified as a trirachodontid gomphodont pending further fossil discoveries. Gomphodonts (or tritylodonts) are herbivorous cynodonts.[6] If correct, it would be the first trirachodontid described from Russia.[4]

Its classification remains uncertain, however. Other studies treat it as an incertae sedis gomphodont, while others propose that it is more likely to be a bauriid therocephalian rather than a trirachodontid.[7]

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