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Neowin Logo 1.png
Type of site
Technology news and discussion
Available in English
Owner Neowin LLC (40% owned by Stardock)[1]
Alexa rank Negative increase 5,857 (Jun 2015)[2]
Registration Optional
Launched October 2000
Current status Online

Neowin is a technology news website. Editorial focus is predominantly on Microsoft-related news,[3][4] but the site also offers analysis and reporting on mobile news, tech trends, gadgets and new technological developments, as well as in-depth product reviews.


Neowin began as a hobby in October 2000 by Marcel Klum and Steven Parker, known within the forums as "Redmak" and "Neobond" respectively, reporting news about the Windows XP alpha and beta releases (then known as "Windows Codename Whistler").

Neowin has broken several stories, including the leak of Windows 2000 source code onto the internet.[5][6]

Site structure[edit] homepage

The website offers news, technology reviews, and opinion articles, as well as an IRC server and forums. Over 345,000 users have registered for the forums,[7] making over 11,000,000 posts as of June 2016. Two projects initiated by members of the Neowin community include a community game server for Team Fortress 2[8] and a Folding@home team.


Neowin features a vast forum of diverse topics ranging from Microsoft, Apple, gaming, general discussion and more. Neowin's forums are heavily monitored by moderators and feature stringent rules.[9][10]


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