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Nepal Standard Time (NPT) is the time zone for Nepal.[1] With a time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of +5:45 all over Nepal,[2] it is one of only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from UTC. (The others are Chatham Island Standard Time, with an offset of UTC+12:45, and the unofficial Australian Central Western Time, with an offset of UTC+08:45.)[3]

NPT is an approximation of Kathmandu mean time, which is 5:41:16 ahead of UTC. The standard meridian passes through the peak of Gaurishankar mountain about 100 km east of Kathmandu.[2]

Nepal used local solar time until 1920, in Kathmandu UTC+5:41:16. In 1920, Nepal adopted Indian Standard Time, UTC+5:30. In 1986 Nepal advanced their clocks a quarter of an hour, giving them a time zone of UTC+05:45.[4]

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