Nepal eMission

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Nepal eMission
Developer(s) Nepal Software Inc. Borgarnes, Iceland
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Screencast, Video capture, Streaming media
License Proprietary

Nepal eMission is a software from Nepal Software, Borgarnes, Iceland, used to record lectures and seminars. The software is primary made for educators in all levels.[1]


Nepal eMission is built with Microsoft .NET Framework, and based on Microsoft Windows Media framework.[2] Main functions is to record computer screen with speech from a microphone, connected to computer. You can also record video, if you connect a Webcam or Video camera to your computer. Built in function is also possibility to upload your movie to a Microsoft Media Server, and automatically publish a link to the movie in for example a Learning Management System. Nepal eMission is also a media player built with Microsoft Silverlight technology, for play these movie, uploaded on Microsoft Media Server.


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