Nepalis in Ireland

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Nepalis in Ireland
आयरल्याण्ड मा नेपाली
Total population
(400 - 500[1])
Regions with significant populations
Dublin · Limerick
Irish · English · Nepali
Hinduism · Buddhism
Related ethnic groups
Nepalis in the United Kingdom

Nepalis in Ireland are migrants from Nepal to the Republic of Ireland, mostly temporary expatriates and permanent residents, as well as their locally born descendants.

Migration history[edit]

The first Nepalese settler who settled down in Ireland arrived in 1984. Ireland has never been a commonly known destination for Nepalese in the past. However, this is changing in recent years and more and more Nepalese are coming to Ireland for education, businesses and employment. Although, the number of Nepalese living in this country is still very small compared to other countries, this number is growing slowly but steadily in recent times.[2] Today, there are only about 400 to 500 Nepalis in Ireland, of which about 150 live in Dublin itself.

Many early Nepalese settlers who have been living in Ireland for many years, put their minds and efforts to establish the "Nepal Ireland Society" in 2000 in the presence of the Nepalese ambassador to the UK.


  • Nepal Ireland Ethnic Organisation (NIEO)
  • NRNA Ireland NCC
  • Nepal Ireland Society
  • Nepalese Community Limerick

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