Nepalis in Qatar

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Nepalis in Qatar
Total population
400,000 (2014)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Arabic · English · Nepali
Hinduism · Buddhism
Related ethnic groups
Nepali people

Nepalis in Qatar are migrants from Nepal to Qatar, mostly migrant workers and permanent residents, as well as their locally born descendants.


Qatar is one of the favorite destinations for Nepali job aspirants who are mostly employed in construction works. All unqualified jobs are done by foreigners especially the Nepalis, who, nowadays, are the most sought after compared to Indians or other nationalities.[2] About 9,650 Nepali nationals arrived in Qatar in December 2010.[3] The Nepalese workers have a reputation of being hardworking, honest, cheap and not prone to complaining.

There has also been a steady increase in the number of Nepalese expatriates coming to Qatar to take up employment. There are currently about 100 executives from Nepal in Qatar. A growing number of employers in Qatar are showing more interest hiring engineers, accountants, hotel and travel professionals from Nepal.


A major concern among the Nepalese officials in Qatar is the rise of deaths of Nepalese workers. Nepalese migrants building the infrastructure to host the 2022 World Cup have died at a rate of one every two days in 2014. [4] According to Nepalese Ambassador Suryanath Mishra, Two-third of the deaths are caused by stress because they are cheated by employment agencies and his embassy receives about 20 complaints each day from Nepalese victims of such fraud and that about 10 Nepalese return to their home country each day from Qatar because of such scams.

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