Nephin Beg Range

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Nephin Mountains
Ballycroy National Park from Nephin Beg Range, July2012.jpg
Part of the Nephin range from Corranabinnia
Highest point
Elevation806 m (2,644 ft)
CountryRepublic of Ireland
Provinces of IrelandConnacht

The Nephin Beg Range or Nephin Mountains[1] is a mountain range in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. The range contains the mountains of Nephin (its highest peak), Nephin Beg, Slieve Carr, Birreencorragh and Corranabinnia/Cushcamcarragh, among others. The range hosts the Nephin forest, a 4,843 hectares forest managed by Coillte.

The range is in the process of becoming Ireland's first designated wilderness area, a 10-15 year project including remaking forest roads as walking trails and setting up huts for sustainable camping. The wilderness, when finished, will cover 16,000 hectares including a large amount of Ballycroy National Park and Coillte land.


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